Topic: Multiple Project Tracking template excel; Project tracking is the management of projects in different periods. Multiple project tracking template helps you to track or manage your different project and tasks in one sheet one place. Thus multiple projects and tacks tracking is very necessary for the project management and for the success of the business.

Advantages to use Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel:

  1. You can track the performance of more than one project at one time
  2. Management of multiple projects
  3. Efficiency in record tracking & delivering
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction
  5. Effectively delivery of desired variable.
  6. Easy to use
  7. Flexible
  8. Customizable
  9. You can check the status of every project
  10. Increase productivity

Format of Using Project Tracking Template for Excel:

There are 3 sections including 11 columns to fill out in details to use this template:


  • Status

You can check the status of completion of different projects that which is under the process. Which project is completed and which project not started yet. Hence a project manager can see all the details about the status of the concerned projects or task required.

  • Priority

In the priority section of multiple project tracking template excela project manager may described the significance and urgency level of the task or project. So, project manager also sets the significance and can track that which significant project is under process and which one is not.

  • Deadlines

A project manager when assigns the projects to the assignees he/she will also set the certain deadlines for the projects to meet on a specific date. So, you can also see the deadlines of the projects to complete. A project manager must check on that which project is not meeting deadlines and delaying.

  • Tasks

You can define the tasks or projects name here in this column. That which tasks is going to start on which task to work on.

  • Assignee

There must be mentioned the assignee. Assignee is the person whom the project or task is assigned to complete.

  • Description

Description of the task or project must enter here in the description column. That what are the details of the project on which working is in process.

  1. Deliverables:

  • Deliverables

These are those things that must deliver after a particular date. As for example illustrator file is a deliverable for the designing of a logo task. That all must mention in the front of the task.

  • % Completion

Percentage completion must be mentioned in front of each task to determine the time left in the completion left in the particular concerned task.

  1. Costs/ hours

  • Fixed Cost

Mention fixed cost that are occurring on a particular task in detail.

  • Estimated Hours

Mention the time and duration of project completion in this section with date.

  • Actual Hours

Actual hours in which the project’s task is complete also be mention here.

Get Your Free Multiple Project Tracking Template:

1# Agile Project Management Template:

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Download “Agile-project-plan-template.xlsx” Agile-project-plan-template.xlsx – Downloaded 29 times – 916 KB

2# Earned Value Management Template:

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Download “Tool-Project-Manager.xls” Tool-Project-Manager.xls – Downloaded 34 times – 729 KB

4# project Status Report Template:

Project Status Report Template Excel

Download “Project-Status-Report-Template-Monthly.xls” Project-Status-Report-Template-Monthly.xls – Downloaded 36 times – 73 KB

5# Work Breakdown Structure Template:

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Download “WBS-Template.doc” WBS-Template.doc – Downloaded 77 times – 67 KB

6# Production Budget template:

Download “Production-Schedule-Template-ExcelTemp.xlsx” Production-Schedule-Template-ExcelTemp.xlsx – Downloaded 31 times – 13 KB

6# Project Portfolio Dashboard Template:

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Download “Simple-Portfolio-Status.xls” Simple-Portfolio-Status.xls – Downloaded 38 times – 42 KB

Multiple project tracking template excel helps to identify on which date is project is assign, and who is the persons to whom it is assign. As well as it also helps to identify how much days are left in the completion of the projects. Therefore, it is mandatory for the successful businesses to be fruitful by managing their projects portfolios efficiently and on time. This template helps to reduce time and lessen the burden to manually write all the details about the businesses. You can also track all the budgets and costs incur on a particular project.

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