This article is about the cashier balances means all those cash payments which are made all day long by the cashier. Hence “cashier balance sheet template” gives you the well-designed & structured overview of daily transactions your business made and therefore you make a quick overview of your transactions and over/short balances. As well as it also gives you the check of all the Cheques and credit card payments and worth of that payments. In this article, you will find the excel template for the cashier balance sheet.

Here is the overview of the template as you can see 4 sections named as rolled coins, loose coins, strapped bills, loose bills.

How to use the Cashier Balance Sheet Template:

Cashier balance sheet is the efficient and time saving smart sheet that use to help the grocery stores, restaurants, and banks. To fetch & track their records as well as use to provide structural work. Therefor when the business close or the cashier’s shift end, this sheet is very useful for you to fetch all records of a cashier or day in an organized manner closing. Therefore, the cashier would be responsible for the short cash.

In the starting section, you must fill out the basic details:

  1. Cashier’s name (cashier who is present on that time on counter)
  2. Date
  3. Signature

This section helps you to quickly review whose report is this and on which date it is prepared and signed by the cashier to show responsibility and accountability.

Sample 1: Balance Sheet:

Cashier Balance Sheet TemplateGet Your Free Download:


As shown in above cashier balance sheet template, there is also a section of the grand totals, totals. short/over cash it is fill by totaling the below mention section’s total. This section aids to review swiftly the totals and the over & short cash account by the cashier. Therefore, this sections makes cashier accountable for the shortages.

Format of Balance Sheet Template:

Then there are four main sections, fill out manually with attention are following:

  • Rolled coins (the coins that comes or deposited in rolls or kind of bundle)

It includes

Pennies: 50 pennies, 50 cents face value

Nickels:(a five cents coin) 40 nickel are $2 in par value

Dimes: (dime is 10 cent coin) 50 dimes $5 par value

Quarter: 40 quarters $10 par value

Half dollar: 20 half dollars $10 par value

Cashier Balance Sheet Template

These all are different with their original face values. In this rolled coins section you must filled out the details about counts of the all separately and the total value of that counts and then in the last column you must put the original total worth of the counts.

  • Loose coins (small amount of coins)

In this section, you again fills all the details about the loose coins dollars counts, its total value, original count value.

  • Strapped Bills (bunch of banknotes)

This section includes




Twenties, fives, and dollar bills.

Count and fills them in the cells and fills out total amount, and its original worth as in above section.

  • Loose Bills (bunch of small notes)

Loose bills section is also filled manually as above section. As in hundreds, fifties, twenties, tens & dollars counts values.

  • section

Miscellaneous section includes the sub heads of Cheques, credit cards, coupons and others and as well as their amounts and total in the columns.

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