Company shareholder register template is usually updated once in a year, however there are certain details which are part of only this company document. Do you know a company consists of various shareholders and they have the power to influence the company operations and other tasks therefore they are vital component of any private company.

According to, “Company shareholder registers template is a list of active owners of a company’s shares, updated on an ongoing basis.”

Do you know company shareholder register must note all offers, issued by an organization? What’s more it should detail any conceivable limitations on exchanging shares, alongside applicable citation. The document consists of all the shareholders along their details in the company.  Some shareholder register carriers the details of the shareholders for the 10 years while the other are prepare for the year.  This can likewise show the investors and the amount and percentage of shares owned by them. Price at which shares are bought and the prices which are not fully paid is also part of this document.

Format of Company Shareholder Registers Template:

Here you have the choice of choosing a template as many templates are available in various formats. Confuse about downloading it now or not, you can have a look at the design of the sheet before downloading it:

Header section

Company shareholder registers template is easier to maintain when compared with manual recording of the shareholders and their participation in the company.

The template is word consists of header section and the body.

Hence, you need to enter the information by inserting name of company, company, the name of the document like share register. A common one holds, section 87, 189(1) of the companies act 1993.

Content for the table


This column holds the heading in this Company shareholder registers template, name listed alphabetically. Start entering the names of the shareholders in the same format. Use the first name and last name here or last name, middle and first name in this column.


Add the contact information and address for all of your shareholders name mentioned in column A. So you can add contact number here as well to keep your document more useful!

Class of share and restrictions/limitations

In this column add the class of share for your shareholders. Now add the restrictions and limitations and this must be let know to them as well. They are available in shareholder agreement as well.

Screenshot – Shareholder Registers Template:

Screenshot 1 – Current Summary:

Company Shareholder Registers Template

Image 2 – Founders:

Company Shareholder Registers Template

Tab 3 – Employee Trust:

Tab 4 – Employee Trust:

Screenshot 5 – Option:

Tab 6 – See Round:

Company Shareholder Registers Template

Tab 6 – Projected Round:

Company Shareholder Registers Template

Download “Company_Name_Share_Register_Example.xls” Company_Name_Share_Register_Example.xls – Downloaded 24 times – 66 KB

Shared held and shares issued

In this column you need to enter the total number of shares held e.g. 500 or 800.

Now add the date and total number of shares issued by company to the selected shareholder in this column like, 500 on 12 March 2012.

Repurchase and transfer of shares

Date and no of repurchase or redemption shares are available here.

Now enter the date of transfer of shares to the shareholder and name of transferor as well.

Date of transfer

Add the date of transfer of shares from from the shareholder and name of transferee as well using this company shareholder registers template.

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