Topic: “Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel“. “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” (According to William Shakespeare)

This is especially true for projects; any project accomplishment late than the time given can affect the client satisfaction level and the revenue! Time tracking seems difficult in the start; however it is actually a habit of most successful individuals and professionals like doctors, scientists and other smart people. The main purpose of daily time study spreadsheet excel preparation is to help you in time tracking & management, so that you are actually able to fulfill your responsibilities in efficient manner!

It actually helps you in managing your available time in a manner, in which you are able to accomplish your goals and tasks. Setting priorities or to-do-list is another template for helping in time tracking and management. You are part of a business or you are a student, daily time study spreadsheet excel is actually helpful for you. With this template availability you can better accommodate your life demands. To tell the truth, it help you keep focused on your short and long term goals as well!

Component of Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel Template:

Get to the time tracking easily and efficiently with these templates. here are the components of it:

Sample Template; Screenshot 1:

Time Study Spreadsheet Excel

Sample Template; Screenshot 2:

Time Study Spreadsheet Excel

24-hour activity log template

Column1: it actually consists of heading activity description. According to the field and professional you are part of; it differs. A activity description for an ordinary person includes, “class time”, “computing”, “entertainment in home”, “entertainment outside home”, “exercise”, “family/friends”, homework”, “internet/social media”, “meals”, “personal care”, “social engagements”, “sleep”, “travel”, “work” & “others”. You are free to customize this part of your template.

Column 2: it actually has a heading, time in minutes; however it is divided up to in multiple sections. All the days of the week are part of this column actually. The time taken by each activity in minute is actually added in the row under the specific day. This makes time tracking more easy and simple task! “no need to interfere with this section”.

Column 3 & 4: it is a time to know about the total time taken by the activity in a week in minutes and hours. Column 3 & 4 consists of heading total time taken by activity in minutes, total time taken by activity in hours and this is for the entire week. Once you have added the time in the each row in the column 2, column 3 & 4 is calculated automatically. Once you are aware of the time taken by each activity in the week, you are able to change it!

Column 5: it is time to fill the notes or time takeaway from studies as this is heading of the column 5. You are able to set tasks and goals including plans here! Moreover you can plan ahead for the week or month more efficiently here!

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