Product Backlog template is prepared when the team is planning the scrum meetings for the executions they would select those items which are their top priority and add it into the scrum product backlog template and create and link stories to each task they must do for the completion. In this step all the process work is strapped to the developmental phase of the project. It works as a to-do list for the tasks to complete in order for the project so, it is very useful in terms of prioritizing and managing the tasks efficiently.

How scrum backlog template Benefits you:

  1. Keeps you refresh
  2. Status of finish
  3. Easy to utilize
  4. Checking subtle elements are simple
  5. Customizable
  6. Tracking proficiently
  7. You can arrange tasks efficiently
  8. It measures the effectiveness
  9. It determines the remaining tasks. To do.
  10. It helps to Address client’s needs

How Template Works:

This template includes the following rows and columns to filled out for use:

  1. Backlog item:

The backlog item is the one unit of the work which is decomposed and divided in to the subtasks to further divide them in the sprint team or scrum team. The main item in this is called a story and the other sub-items that are decomposed that are the other tasks with in them.

  1. Story points

Story points represent the priorities of the tasks and somehow shows the level of urgency. The more the important the tasks are in one story the more it has given  he story points.

  1. Responsible

Third most important task is to define and enter the name of the person who is responsible for the particular task in the template that represents and accountable for the particular story and its tasks.

  1. Status

The status of the projects must be shown in this column.

  1. Original estimate

The estimate of in how many days it would complete.

  1. Days

In days we define the hours of work for a particular task.

  1. Sprint review
  2. Burndown chart review:

In this it would represent them all in the summarize graphical form.

The most important thing in the Scrum backlog template is that this sheet should update on the daily basis after daily scrum meetings.

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