Equipment Maintenance means the maintenance of the machinery to prevent the failures that occur in the machinery as time passes. “Equipment maintenance log template” is used to record all the details about the machinery that what error occur or which time the error occur. It also records the information about the maintainer, the validator and the next schedule date of the maintenance. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to maintain all the records in the ready to use machinery maintenance log.

Here is the Template of maintenance Log.

Guide to Use Equipment Maintenance Log Template:

There are two main sections included in the equipment maintenance log the first one is about the details about the following:

  1. Name of the equipment
  2. Label
  3. Serial number (Equipment)
  4. Manufacturer’s name
  5. Manufacturer’s contact details
  6. Acquisition date of that equipment (the date on which equipment purchased)
  7. Person responsible for that equipment (handling person)
  8. Date put into service (Means the date on which the machine come into use to give service)

First section is all about the machinery or equipment, manufacturer, and purchase details or information.

Now as Per the equipment maintenance log the second section include all details about the maintenance and validation information. Hence it aids you to keep track of the information about the maintainer and the validator and the next scheduled date. This Section contains the following:

  1. Date of the maintenance
  2. Description of maintenance (error description)
  3. Maintenance performed by (the details about the person who prepare the machinery)
  4. Date of validation (the date on which verification done)
  5. Validation performed by (name of the person who verify the Maintenance)
  6. Next maintenance planned(Date)
  7. Remarks (who comments its verification)

Download Maintenance Log Templates:

Template 1: Equipment-maintenance-log

Format: Excel (xlsx)

Size: 19kb

Download : Link

Template 2: Dental-maintenance-log

Format: Adobe Reader

Size: 50kb

Download : Link

Template 3: maintenance-log-book

Format: MS Word (docx)

Size: 12kb

Download : Link

You can track or trace the records whenever you want Therefore,  it helps you to save your time and energy by efficiently storing up the details in the spreadsheet.

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