“Driver salary slip template” use by almost every organization throughout the world , as you know for every company the logistics is very important. Mean the transfer of materials , documentation , raw material. Sometime money in the security here the logistics involve the risk, there are many types of risks which are associated by the drivers driving.

Why Use Driver Salary Slip?

Risk of legal documentation that are specific for every driver throughout the world for example the driving license of the driver. The car fitness certificate, which is issue by the excise and vehicle registration department of that country. Many companies require the driver’s medical report of their fitness, whether they are drug abuser or not. Sometimes companies outsource the drivers for their logistics. When companies are giving remuneration or perks to the employees of their organization this important template copy is very useful for the human resource department to decide to who the monetary of other benefit are allotted.

Monthly Driver Pay slip Template for Record

This template help you to manage monthly statement of each driver financial record. According to No of duties they performed record maintain, so this template will help to adjust their bonus, time span and no of hours they already performed.

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Benefit of using Driver Salary Slip Template Excel:

The following are the benefits of using this template;

  • Use to identify the drivers designation in the logistics department organization.
  • Whether the driver or his under use car is company’s property or they hire to outsource.
  • The vehicle which he use throughout the month or working days.
  • The timing shift of the driver, by which their overtime pay is calculated.
  • It also tells whether the driver needs training or not because training is very important for the company’s driver to enhance their skills and to survive in this modern world.
  • The time period of the drivers training.
  • Helps to identify how many days the driver drives the car.
  • How many days he take leave from the organization.
  • What type of leave he is asking to take.
  • It also provides the efficient record, which increase the driver’s morale and motivation.

Driver Salary Slip Template

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How to use it?

Driver Salary Slip Template Excel, needs following information to use it,

  1. Employee information.
  2. Days of working and leaves.
  • Total earnings.
  1. Total Deductions.

Employee Information:

This section requires the all basic and important information about the personnel.

  1. Driver number which is allotted by the company to driver and this is unique and vary from driver to driver.
  2. Driver Name.
  • Department & designation.
  1. Bank Account and his Account number.
  2. Mode of payment whether cash, by cheque, or by Demand Draft.
  3. Date of joining.
  • Training period.
  • Leave applicable period.
  1. CTC (COST TO COMPANY) to company, this is the cost which a company afford or pay to him at the end of month, it is calculated monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.

Days of Working and Leave:

This section requires the information about the working overtime and leave of employees.

  1. Number of working days.
  2. Leaves taken (many times company defines allowed number of leave).
  • Number of Allowed leaves.
  1. Types of leaves for example sick leave, parental leave, maternity leave especially for women drivers in develop companies.
  2. Used leaves.
  3. Balance leaves.
  • Number of deducted leaves.
  • Wage payable Days.
  1. Amount of payable salary.

Total Earnings:

  1. Basic Salary.
  2. Stipend.
  • Interest and other allowances.

Total Deductions:

  1. TDS (tax deducted at Source).
  2. Interest & provided fund.
  • Other Deductions.
  1. Leave Deductions.

Types of Salary Slip Format in Small Business

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Template 1:

Sample Template 2:

Template 3:

Let’s download format other than excel format for small businesses. Easily customize and editable, so you can changes

Salary Slip Format DOC

Doc format or Microsoft word template is use for single click printing of particular salary slip.  Either you want teacher, engineer or IT professional salary slip with TAX deduction or other leaves deduction. Doc format easily convert to PDF format, so if you want that particular format than convert it and use.

Simple Salary Slip Format without Deductions

Without deduction format of pay slip is often use in smaller to larger organizations. Some excel base “Formulas” system help you to single click generate salary slip, if company have thousands of employees.

Excel pay slip Template UK

U.K based companies using that specific format after deduction of TAXES and other insurance.

In addition, it is very important to use driver salary slip template excel, because of its efficient global use. For more types of format download, you can contact us and get custom template.

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