Employee Vacation Planner Template Excel

Determine availability of your team for the specific task, for the project or as a whole using ready-to-go employee vacation planner template excel, available here. Planning and tracking the upcoming official vacations & vacations taken by your employees is vital for smart planning & improving productivity.

Excel Spreadsheet

Moreover companies are working for introducing ways to reduce absenteeism of their employees as any informed absent can affect the entire production operation. To tell the fact, this excel spreadsheet can be used again & again!

“According to the survey, the annual costs associated with absenteeism vary by industry, with the greatest loss occurring in professional occupations (excluding nurses, physicians and teachers); the 14 occupations and corresponding costs of lost productivity are shown below. (investopedia)

There can be direct or indirect reasons behind vacations, however if you are informed of them, you are able to plan in a way, to ensure no loss for the day. Employee vacation planner template excel is worked upon by team of professionals and a sheet is available from the basics & equipped with important features.

Main Components of Employee Vacation Planner Template Excel

Get a detailed look at the design & features of the template:


Depending on the nature of job, you are able to identify and track your employees hourly. Moreover, the basic template of a kind can handle up to data for 20 employees. However you can search for another sheet here as well, which allows vacation planning for a bigger team.

Employee Vacation Planner Template Excel

It shows:

  • Employees at work
  • Employees
  • Working days
  • Understaffed days

Inputs for the Vacation Planner Excel Template

First of all, enter start day for the month, if you are making it for a month. Otherwise it can be use daily as well!

Enter number of employee needed daily.

It will show the understaffed days as well & therefore managers are able to manage them!

Weekends & holidays

Weekends are not working days and this is recognize by the template.

You can mention the holidays and they will to be counted as working days.

Enter vacation dates

It is time to fill up the planned vacations by your employees.

Start entering the vacations planed by your employee & name of the employee as well.

Employees which haven’t planned any holidays during the period, do enter their name and leave the planned holidays section blank.


You are not required to work on this part.

It is automatically generated and shown up based on the table information you have filled previously.

The dashboard shows you a quick review about the vacations on any date of the period.

Vacation calendar

Yes, this template has a free vacation calendar available for better planning & tracking.

It will show the vacations planned for the month.

Hence, It holds employee list, total working days, days planned to be worked by specific employee, vacations planned by the specific employee and the date of the month as well. So download employee vacation planner template excel 2018/2019 calendar base data and calculate particular trip or holiday cost.

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