This article includes fully functional 5 worksheets to guide you. “Production schedule template” is easy to practice and best for the everyday use. Production plans assist you or directs you the finest to curtail your workload and your most valuable resource “Time”.

You can easily plan and track your employees, branches, monthly & annual progress by using this production schedule template. A production manager can easily plans & dispense the work responsibilities to their employees and track the production records. It can also minimize the workload of the Production manager. Now you can heighten your efforts by arranging and controlling the workloads.

For Project managers, it is difficult to meet the goals and targets of the production so it is very decisive for managers to keep track their daily weekly, monthly, annual production activities to achieve the shared goals and targets. Because a poorly managed plan can lead to poor performance. Use of this production schedule can enable you to evade these kinds of blunders in your plan.

 How to use these templates
 Customer database worksheet
 Daily Production report department wise
 Monthly production report format
 Monthly and yearly report format
 Production schedule dashboard sheet

How Production Schedule Template works:

Here are the most suitable and well-made production schedule prototype. Using these templates a production Manager must be able to work more professionally and in a lesser amount of time.
These are prepared to aid manufacturing and services Industries to not to waste their most appreciated resource.

Customer Database:
This worksheet shows the customer database. This delivers you with the details and record of your customer’s details, and their orders details that are relevant to production. To achieve maximum customer gratification and efficient supervision of work it is very crucial to keep track and apprise from your customer’s data. Because customer’s orders in a bulk quantities and specifications are also different from each other so it is very vital to be efficacious. This worksheet filled manually with inordinate attention. The other columns and rows are already filled you must put data into it very cautiously. The worksheet encompasses of these following:
• Company’s serial number
• Customer’s name
• Order number
• Article number
• Color specification
• Order quantity
• Extra quantity Demand

Daily & Departmental REPORT Format:

Now meeting the deadlines are of no fears because this template or prototype would help you to encounter the deadlines on time. You don’t have to worry about sifting through the pages of different departments routine records here and there to compare these departmental performances as for this worksheet provides you with the departmental comparison on one sheet so you can keep track which department works efficiently and effectively.

This worksheet includes
• Order status information (that is filled automatically from previous sheet)
• Received from Includes details about
Starting date of receive
Total receive
Balance to receive
• Department 1, 2, 3, 4 depends on your organization this section entails of
Day production
Night production
Total production
Total account quantity
Balance (WIP) work in process

Monthly production report day wise format:
If you are concerned with the daily received material reception data and the daily apportionment of that material to the departments this sheet can be very fruitful to you. By using this template, you will be able to compare or analyze the monthly improvement of your departments and departmental goals as well as forecast for the next one. This worksheet fills out automatically by reviewing preceding two sheets and saves your valuable time.

This sheet includes:
• Date
• Day
• Receiving section (Total Receive, Receive from, total)
• Departments
• Dispatch details column.

Monthly & yearly production report format:

This worksheet provides you with the information about the monthly details about the production schedule. You can see the monthly targets you set either they are meeting up or not in a specific month. This monthly worksheet leads to yearly results and yearly data so can go through and compare all the yearly results of your plans. This worksheet covers the following:

• All months’ reports (you don’t need to fill it out again it is the beauty of using this template. it fills out automatically as you put up database in date wise monthly report)
• Yearly grand total production
• Yearly all working days
• Per day average
Columns includes
• Department 1
• Department 2 & so on
• Received from column

Production schedule dashboard sheet:
Using this worksheet enables a production manager to track operation activities vigorously over the different periods of time like monthly performance track, yearly performance track etc. Its guide as a graphical view of performance like how much is completed in different time periods time details.

You must select a month from any year and this dashboard would provide you with the productivity comparison of all departments in bars format. It shows the total received material of each department as shown in the template.


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