What is a resource planning template? A resource planning template for excel is something you can use to create a resource planning sheet in excel. A resource planning sheet is used to keep track or your employees on a given project with reference to the budget of the project. This is usually used when you have employees who charge by the hour.

A resource manager or project manager would use this template to see how much man power they can use for each project, if employees are being over or underworked and to make sure everything is within the allocated budget.

Resource Planning Template Format:

A resource planning template should include space for the following input information:

  • Project name
  • Project budget
  • Allocated budget
  • Budget used
  • % Project complete
  • Allocated employee hours
  • Worked employee hours

It is recommended to have columns specifically for the percent values of allocated budget, used budget and worked employee hours to make it easier to understand the situation at a glance.

By using a template and making this sheet, you will be able to understand how to plan your project in the most efficient way while remaining within your budget for example you find out you are running behind but still have ample budget so you decide to allocate more hours and if you don’t have enough budget left you get more worked done during the presently allocated hours.

How to Create Resource Plan:

Create a separate column for the first five things mentioned in the above list, then create two columns for each employee, one for allocated hours and one for worked hours. Enlarge the cells and use a large clear font to make it easy to read quickly. Try to use a pale background color and highlight the important things in a bright contrasting color.

Once you have prepared your template, save the file and make sure the file type is “Excel Template”. You can easily find this template in the “personal” section of the excel template library.

That was how to create a simple template. If you have intermediate to master level knowledge in the usage of Microsoft Excel, then you may even create a review sheet with charts or a dashboard to show your manager or higher up.

Team Resource Planning:


Download Free Template:

You can also download a template here at projects-management.com. There are many free templates readily available from credible sources. If you do that, make sure you read the corresponding instructions carefully to ensure you do not use the template incorrectly.

Download: Resource Planning Template

Taking the time of making this sheet, with your own template or one off the internet, will reward you by helping you understand plan your projects better and will save you the time off verbally explaining the resource information to your higher ups. Instead of just saying you need more budget or more people, you can simply show them this sheet which proves if you are under budget, under staffed or right on track.

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