Employee absence schedule template is all about scheduling or counting and maintaining the data of absences of employees. By keeping this worksheet, you can easily track or count the absences of employees in a certain month.

This template helps you to swiftly review the total absenteeism of the employees of your organization in a month.By using this spreadsheet, time day and date on which the leave take easy to remind and trace.  Employee absence schedule template is necessary for those businesses & their staffs who works on the daily remuneration basis. Therefore, this templates helps the businesses to keep track of the data of employees to give them the wages per their presence counts.

Format of Employee Leave Tracker Template:

As you can see in the template, the year is mentioned as 2013 and the February and March data is mentioned. In February, you can see in the first column employee’s names are written.

You must write all the names of the employees in the organization and in front of the names their must fill that who is on vacation, sick leave, and personal leave.

Similarly, you can also add others as in template shown with the name of custom1 and custom2. When you put all the monthly all the vacation, sick leaves and other type of leaves in the end of the month it automatically counts all the leaves of the employees as shown in total days’ column. This template also shows the total absences in a certain month as general.

Forget about the manual reports hassles of the attendance sheets and the bothers of manually filling it on the sheet of papers because this template helps you to save your time as much as you can because this template is very convenient and relaxed to fill.

The supervisor of the attendances feel comfortable to operate this worksheet. Employee absence schedule also aids to save your most valuable resource “The Time”.

The hassles of the paper work reduce and maintaining data in structured and organized way is very easy it curtails your workloads. The supervisor has no need to remind about how much of the absences are of an employee to give them their wages at the end of the month. This worksheet helps the supervisor to maintain record in an efficient and structured way.

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