Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel

Open item issues log List Template Excel can be utilized to track open things as well as issues. As well as open items, rundown or issues log is an incredible venture administration apparatus as they help to keep a project on assignment and should keep everybody in agreement. There are a couple of segments that we accept to be basic in building up good open things lists or issues log.

Similarly this template is use to handle the complaints issues that customers tells the managers about the parts or the any sub tasks of the projects that are being in process and the ones that are about to complete, or start.

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Benefits of open item issues log list template Excel

  1. The log ought to be open by all group members. However, there ought to be just 1 proprietor.
  2. Significant data ought to be caught and sort out.
  3. Data included inside the log ought to be effectively controlled (i.e., arranged, balanced, changed, and so on).
  4. Venture status reports ought to be made less demanding with a refreshed log.
  5. The log ought to be anything but difficult to utilize, refresh and read.
  6. Easy to use
  7. Printable
  8. when you tap on one of the field names, a concise depiction of that field is appeared; see picture to one side
  9. Header/Footer containing record area, date archive is printed, and page numbers (# of ##)
  10. Fields to track Project Name, Project Status, and so forth.

Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel

How to use Issue Tracking Excel Template?

There are some steps to put information in this template that are following:

  1. Project or client name

Firstly, you must write the project or client name in which you are going to record the issues. If its customer issues, then write the client name and if there are some issues report against a project so that project name must also be mention.

  1. Open issues or items

Open issues section we must mention what can be the issue in the projecy or may be reported by client in product. Before warranty if there are issues in the products so that they can be written here.

  1. Date of update

The date of commencement of project or the date of the sale of the product must be enter according to the nature of the issue or item.

  1. Number of issues

Number of issues in sequence must be written here in this column.

  1. Section

In this column you must write the section of the project in which issues are occurring.

  1. Reference
  2. Owner

Who is the owner of the product or may be the project must be written here.

  1. Description:

A brief description of issue must be written here either is of the product or of the project that must be entered here for further verification.

  1. Responsible

Write the name of the person who was responsible of the product that is being an issue now.

  1. Date need

The date when the product or issue is need to be solve must be mention.

  1. Date complete

The date on which it would again be deliver to the clients or may be the to report the manager the action plan of the project.

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  1. Response or Status

I hope this this article would help you to a lot in making or clearing the records of the customer issues and project issues jointly. For more custom open items issues log template in excel contact our team of expert, so that we can help you accordingly.

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