Project initiation document checklist template is a document use by the project managers to initiate the project and this is used in the phase 1 of the project life cycle to check the certain specifications, quality and requirements. And to define its specifications, scope, objectives, purpose and the ultimate deliverables.

This document is prepare for every & each project because every project is unique and having different specifications and different deliverables based on the uniqueness of the projects.

Project Management Life-cycle Phases (Step 1)

In the initiation phase of the project life cycle the project teams are hired for each and every project and define them the objectives of the projects that are assigned to them. This project initiation is a most important step in the life cycle of the project because it is the defining stage in which we define the scope of the project and set the objectives in order to complete deliverables ultimately.

The success of the project is depending on the right skilled people you have choose to work on the project that work hard and complete it within the deadline and as

The defined specifications quality. It is the most important document also because we specify and describe that why the project is important and what we are going to deliver after the deadline and how we achieve what is required from us the strategy definition. Because the project team and the project manager it is the communication way between the both parties.

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Project Initiation Document Checklist Template

A Project Initiation Document that is the foundation of the project frequently contains the following items to include in it.

  1. Business Case
  2. Limitations
  3. PID Sign Off
  4. Rundown
  5. Partners
  6. Task Goals
  7. Extension
  8. Task Organization
  9. Dangers
  10. Task Controls
  11. Revealing systems

The accomplishment and the successful completion of your venture project relies upon the lucidity and precision of your business case that you have made in this phase 1 of the project and whether individuals teams that you have assigned to the project trust they can accomplish it.

At whatever point you consider past understanding of that venture, your business case is more reasonable; and at whatever point you include other individuals in the business case’s improvement, you urge their sense of duty assigned regarding accomplishing it on time.

Use the Project initiation document checklist template

There are 4 basic steps in the project initiation document checklist template:

Step 1:

  • Project importance
  • Internal and external analysis:
  • Company strategy
  • Risks
  • Issues & constraints

Step 2: Define Requirements:

  • Expectations
  • High level objectives
  • requirements
  • Scope:
  • Analysis of problems
  • solutions

Step 3: Understand Funding:

  • Funding;
  • Business case:

Step 4: Understand what success look like:

  1. Project success criteria:

You must select the criteria on which you rate the project success. That should be defined in the checklist because it is more important for post project review.

  1. Importance of triple constraint that which is more important and cannot be sacrifice:
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality

These three are the triple constraints in the project that must be defined in the initiation document that what cannot be sacrificed and what is the most important etc.

In conclusion this Project initiation document checklist template helps the project manager to define all the project related things that are important for the post project review and for the team to work well.

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