Car Lease Invoice Template uses to make record of the lessee and lessor. This template helps us to make sure all the terms and conditions and verify all of them to rent a car. Car lease is basically hiring a car on rent for a specific time period. There are different models available for the rental agency and the prices are also different for different models of the car. So, we have to make sure and check the invoice before renting a car.

Car lease invoice is a document that shows the lessee and lessor’s name on it and the models of the cars that are available for the rental issue. Then the prices of rent per hour are also mention with the models name. This Car Lease Invoice Template is printable and helps you to print your own invoice form.

Benefits of using Car Lease Invoice Template:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy record keeping
  3. Detailed information
  4. Printable
  5. use as a Proof

Guide to use of Invoice of leasing Template:

There are total 10 steps of guide to using Car Lease Invoice Template that are following in detail:

  1. Date

Firstly, you have to mention the date on which the car is issuing for rent to the customer.

  1. Invoice number

You must write the invoice number as per customer number.

  1. Name of the car rental company

The rental company name must mention in this row from which the car is leasing using Car Lease Invoice Template.

  1. Lessor’s Name:

Lessor is the person who rents the car to the customer, it can also be write as the car leased by means the company’s owner or agent name who rents the car to customer.

  1. Lessee Name:

Lessee is a person to whom the car is issued for rent. It can also be write as “car leased to”. So the customer who wants to rent a car, must mention his/her name here.

  1. Price Chart and Models Available

In price chart section the prices of different car models that are available for rent are mentioned. And the models of the cars and their mileage are also mentioned.

  • Model: write the vehicle’s model number and the name that is available for rent. You can also add more categories.
  • Mileage: in the mileage column, mention the mileage car in this section. You should check the mileage of the car before leasing it.
  • Price per Hour: you should mention the price per hour of each vehicle.
  1. Model Hired by Lessee

Then write the model which the lessee select to hire for rent.

  1. Initial Security Deposit

Deposit security requires from the lessor to payment the initial charges as for security. Also mention Initial security deposit payment here in this section..

  1. Duration of leasing the car

Duration Is the time period for which the car issues. The duration of car hiring must writte in days and hours counts.


Get Free Car Invoice Template:

Template 1: Lease Agreement;

Car Lease Invoice Template

Download “sample-lease-invoice.xlsx” sample-lease-invoice.xlsx – Downloaded 26 times – 27 KB

Template 2: Car lease Agreement;

Car Lease Invoice Template

Download “Download-Car-Lease-Invoice-Template.docx” Download-Car-Lease-Invoice-Template.docx – Downloaded 24 times – 13 KB

  1. Total Price to be Paid in Return:

Lastly mention the total price that you need to pay when the car returns. Therefore the total charges must mention.

In conclusion, Car Lease Invoice Template helps you to maintain record as a lessor & lessee also.

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