Simplify and make tracking of the sales activity easy for your business on the daily, weekly or monthly basis of your business through downloading “daily sales report template excel“.  It actually provides a ground for authentic communication and make customer satisfaction easy as well. deliver an exceptional customer experience based on the client sales record and other facts which can be actually available to your managers with help of sales report template excel.

“Sales reports give you access to invaluable data- data that is generated by your team as they work. Salesvue captures data easily, and makes it easy to look into trends and identify problem areas and successes.” (According to blog “the importance of sales report” published at

Efficient use of time in the business means money and this the primary reason behind popularity of excel templates as they save down the precious time of the business managers, helping them using their potential to increase the business profit making power rather than focused on managing data wisely! Some of the business decisions are actually based on the daily sales and this can now be look upon in a single glance with daily sales report template excel.

Components of Daily Sales Report Template Excel:

Track and monitor cash or credit sales for your business now with this template. The components mention below:

Daily Sales Report Template Excel

Column 1: your daily sales report template excel has complete record of the sales. For actually proper managing and tracking purpose, the column 1 consists of heading product number. This is because each specific product in the selling list has some specific code. Add this here for the product which is sold on the specific date.

Column 2: here you need to fill the name of the product. This generate automatically by the template once the product name and  number fill in the setting sheet.

Column 3: it is time to fill the customer or company name whom the product is sole in the column 3. It makes tracking and keeping sales record for the specific customer easy as well!

Daily Sales Report Template Excel

Column 4: add the date of the transaction here. For the daily template you can add the date once on the top and no need to fill it here! However for the weekly sales report or monthly sales do add it!

Column 5, 6 & 7: it is time to calculate the final amount per sales transaction. Column five, six and seven must fill with the headings sales amount, sales tax and total amount. Add the value of sales amount in the column 5 and add the sales tax amount in the column 6. Total amount is the sum of these and this calculate by template automatically!

Grand total: grand total amount for the sales amount. Sales tax amount and total calculate as well. this makes accounts management simple and quick.

Get Your Free Copy of Sales Report:

Get your daily sales report template excel now and start tracking the daily sales with it!

Download “Sales-Report-Template.xlsx” Sales-Report-Template.xlsx – Downloaded 117 times – 38 KB

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