Root cause analysis performed when an issue or mishap happens and you want to know the reason, then “root cause analysis template” helps. Charts showing circumstances and end results connections may likewise be incorporated as a major aspect of the investigation. Root cause examination documentation records the means taken to recognize the issue and decide the reason, and furthermore depicts the approach that will be utilized to address the issue and forestall against it going ahead.

We’ve made root cause examination templates you can use to finish your own investigations. Regardless of whether you require underlying root investigation.

Root Cause Analysis Template Contains the Following:

Sample 1 : Root Cause Analysis Report Template

Occasion representation:

The issue or mischance being researched is depicted in however much detail as could be expected. This incorporates the date and time of the occasion, what happened, who revealed the issue, and who was affected by the issue (and also how they were influenced).


This segment incorporates a careful portrayal of all occasions some time recently, amid, and after the issue or mishap happened. This can help reveal potential basic reasons for the episode. Dates, times, and names of all gatherings included will be incorporated here.

Investigative Team/Method:

This segment distinguishes the group that will be in charge of exploring the issue, what strategies they will use for gathering and breaking down information, and how their discoveries will be accounted for.

Curative Action:

The action(s) that must be taken to rectify the issue—and guarantee it doesn’t occur once more—are composed here. These activities can bring about venture degree, calendar, and spending changes.


It is essential to take note of that with the end goal of this RCA, main drivers ought to be:

As particular as could be expected under the circumstances, rationally identifiable, Ready to be overseen/controlled, Cautious thought must be given to all discoveries identified with this RCA as these discoveries.

There are four sections to use this template effectively and efficiently that are following:

Organizational Details:

Event Details:

The issue or mischance being explored is portrayed in however much detail as could reasonably be expected. This incorporates the date and time of the occasion, what happened, who revealed the issue, and who was affected by the issue (and additionally how they were influenced). In this section event description, must be made and list all the RCA team members crucially. Additionally, the team leader name also should be mentioned here.

Background Summary:

Your background summary must support the answer of your question that are mentioned in the below section. The summary is about the changes in the performance and other deviation occurrences. If deviations are occurring in the previous analysis that must be explain in the question answer section and that should support this column also.

Question answer section:

Question answer sections includes detailed questions about the deviation occurrences in the performances, how’s the last event if not good then explain the event deviation. Either the policies and guidelines are written in detailed or not for the staff training if yes or no explain in front of them.

All things considered, root cause analysis template would help you to keep things into your consideration that how much and why deviations occur. Download it here for free.

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