Annual leave record template use for the storing of the data about the “absentees of the employees” that they take in year. If you are very much concerned with Scheduled leaves and the data of the employees so this Employee Annual Record Template is very useful for you to fills out the data into it and at the end of the year find a summary report on this data that is easy to access and less time consuming.

Easy to Use – Leave Records for Staff Format:

Year’s mention

First, you must write manually for which year this leave record is.

Company Name:

Then you must write your company name for which company’s employees this record is maintaining.

Supervisor’s Name:

The supervisor is a person who manages and control all the leave records and attendance records of the employees. Afterwards put his/her name into the sheets third row.

Template Screenshot:

Moreover, you can keep track the information about the monthly leaves as shown in the template. Manually fills all the leaves of a month and at the end of the year, you can also add or delete the employees as per your requirement ultimately at the end of the year it can generate a summary automatically.  in my opinion it’s a good and structured way to store your employee’s data as it is less time consuming.

Employee Details section:

As you can see that in this template there are 3 employee’s examples are given:

In the first employee section, there are 4 rows and 15 columns:

Rows includes:

  • Employee Name:
  • Year:
  • Vacation hours used:
  • Medical hours used:

Columns Includes:

  • Months of the year
  • Total used
  • Total attached

Let’s Start from the rows,

First row & foremost you must write the employee’s name

Second row you must put the vacations hours used that would be monthly basis you can add days below for the months and put the leaves data on daily basis and then at the end the synopsis report generate automatically shows the total leaves of a person.

Third row you must right the medical hours used that how much medical hours used by this employee named Erickson in this case he used 6 medical hours out of 80 total allotted. Other employee’s data also fills in the same way.

Final Words With Download Link:

Download FIle:

Format: Excel (xlsx)

Size: 85kb

Download: Link

The column section, in column section you just put all the months and leave in that month below and then write the total hours used by the employee in next column write the total allotted therefore the next one column of total left would automatically filled too. Fills for the other employees similarly.

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