Project Status Report Template Excel

Looking for weekly project status report template in excel format? Here is some different type of status reporting designs with dashboard operating tool for easy communication and tracking project easily. In numerous associations or small businesses, managers and other higher-ups shareholders often regularly interested in for week by week status reports of the projects to be submitted to them. These project status reports contain refreshes about the undertakings and operations recently started and finished over the span of the week. Especially in Work breakdown structure template, this template would be beneficial for you.

These questions lie when you talk about “Status Report Template”

  • Who will conduct the Particular Project?
  • Issues in Projects?
  • Who is responsible for Project Timely deliver?
  • Whom to submit Report of particular project?

The arrangement of such a report contains components for every day of the week. In the event that you require a readymade and well-designed layout, we have a lineup solution of standard and all around composed free and downloadable report formats for this problem.

Biweekly or Weekly Project Status Reporting Facts

The school of thought behind a week after week status report isn’t quite recently introduce the week after week undertakings on paper. The report isn’t a definite one, it is simply a superior view of this format. Firstly creating preliminary plan , this template can use. The handiness of a week by week status report relies upon how the manager or some other who are managing or revealing specialist disentangles the information given in it.

Project Execution to Closure Status Reporting

An administrator or a manager of the project, you may have endured at unpleasant week at the workplace because of the hectic routines. Be that as it may, there is constantly great opportunity to bob back in the next week to come up with a solution of this report we offer. In case you’re in charge of creating the week after week status report in your organization, at that point you should utilize or need the chance to set up a report which helps your execution as well therefore project managers should use this to make their work easily.

At last, you may likewise need to run a profound plunge into the task status with your undertaking patron and directing advisory group, where you really expound with regards to the status of each piece of the venture. This will likewise give them the chance to criticism their issues and worries to you.

Using Weekly Project status report Template Excel:

  1. An undertaking status report format gives a formal approach to gather a week after week announcement from each of your venture colleagues.
  2. A similar report can likewise be utilized to give a refresh venture support and guiding panel.
  3. valuable a decent week after week venture status report shouldn’t require over 5 minutes to refresh starting with one week then onto the next.
  4. In the event that, in view of the report you have to plunge further into an issue, at that point this should be possible in your week by week venture group meeting.
  5. Shareholders can easily view the report and status of project
  6. Easy review of project activities
  7. First of all, Track all the activities of the projects by week
  8. The in-progress and completed activities can be shown.
  9. You can schedule what needs to be done in the next week and what has been completed in this week.
  10. You can track what are the issues are occurring in the project.
  11. Risk assessment is also easy.
  12. Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Project Status Report Template Excel

Guide to use this Project Status Report Template Excel:


  1. Project name:

First of all, you have to must mention the name of the project that ha seen given from the company. As for instance the product development project” “the construction of bridge project” etc.

  1. Project manager:

Then second thing is to mention the name of the project manager in the template a person who is heading and managing the project itself.

  1. Date:

Mention the date on which the project status is made. The week can also be mentioned.

  1. Project health card section:

Project health card section includes and showing the information about following:

Schedule: its shows that project is on track.

Budget: it shows that if the project is working properly in budget or not.

Resources: the resources assigned to the project are they working properly. If the project is well resourced or not.


The project quality and defects are entertained or not. How many defects are occurring and how they are affecting the quality of the project.

Scope: it shows either the project is on track or not or the changes are required or not.

Risk: what risks are involved in the project. If they are under control or not.


These all are shown with three different colors. Amber, green, red etc.

  1. Project financials:

It shows the items involve, the plan spending’s on the item and the actual spending on the items and the variance in these spending’s. These all should be mention in the financial section.

  1. Project schedule:

Project schedules shows the tasks and their finishing and starting time.

  1. Top 5 issues:
  • risk
  • issues
  • decisions
  • dependency
  • change requests:

these all must be answered in this section.

  1. Risks pie chart:

All the risks that are associated with the project and shown above are shown here in the form of graph that helps you to easily the review the risks involved and their severity.

  1. Issues chart:

All the issues in the project that are occurring that are shown above shown here as a graphical form to easily review the issues and their intensity of issues.

  1. Pending items graph:





These all items are shown in the graph as which of these items are in pending these details are shown.

Project Manager and Weekly Project Status Template

If you are foreman or the like of showcasing, then most of the time it’s the project manager and his team’s responsibility your obligation is to get ready finish advance report toward the finish of the week. Each easily overlooked detail about errand culmination means you can easily find any information what you need because it includes all of the information that is needed. You should embed in this. You can likewise take help of these formats by means of including Gantt outline because Gantt are also used in the planning and managing the project Microsoft excel is also used for this purpose.

Whenever you can check independently the status by colleague a person who is having duty over the project to manage. You can ask for week after week to month to month changing over or every year spreadsheet/worksheet base formats because we have also available in excel or VBA plan Auto programming functions.

It’s likewise a smart thought to incorporate the aggregate number and relative change in the quantity of dangers and issues since the last report (and in addition other applicable information relying upon your venture).

One Page Project Status Report Template

One page design status reporting for example dashboard look like, in which you can track and monitor each issue in weekly report. Manage it efficiently and up-to-date accordingly regarding each project.

Preliminary Project Plan Template Excel

Project Status Template PowerPoint Slides

in addition, You can also get PPT slides (Up to 15) with this template, so manage your project in a professional visual presentable look.

In addition, this weekly project status report template excel helps the project manager to easily summarize the information about the project status in this template to show to the shareholders weekly.

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